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eSvoe is designed for communication, monetization of content and creativity, online business based on Web3.0 and Social Fi elements, and eSvoe's ability to incorporate external sites as applications makes it the main social network of your present and future.

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Social networks have never been like this before: the absence of centralized censorship - each community in our ecosystem sets its own rules. You can have an open profile, or you can close it, including by paying a subscription.

Just post your photos, audio and video materials (for free or by subscription), add your website as an application and gather your audience of grateful fans or business partners. Communicate in random chats and video calls, make streams to a huge audience and collect Donations for your ideas, because our network is loyal to business and earnings, receiving donations and is a haven for De-Fi and Social Fi ideas

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Offer your Faithful audience something they like in the form of paid content, digital goods, your merchandise, or if you're already a venerable author, just a monthly subscription to your profile.


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